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Interior Shutters


At Collier Hardware, we sell three types of plantation shutters, Polybilt™, Weswood Express and Weswood Designer. Polybilt™ plantation shutters are composed of poly-vinyl chloride and are a great alternative for a plantation shutter that is not wood. The Weswood series (Express and Designer) are wood plantation shutters, that are of excellent quality for any project. Wood Interior plantation shutters are usually made using various types of wood, with stained or painted finishes and more customizable options than any other type of imitation (or faux) plantation shutter. It came to our attention that more home owners and business projects were interested in wood interior plantation shutters, because they are sturdier for longer periods of time than their counterparts. The one drawback to this was that wood interior plantation shutters can take more time in production than most projects wish to wait because they are customized throughout production to cater to the qualities specified by a given customer’s desires. For this reason our supplier started a much quicker version of wood interior plantation shutters that they named Weswood Express Series. Many times, there is speculation as to what are the differences between the Weswood Designer Series and the Weswood Express Series. The Weswood Express Series of wood plantation shutters are no less the quality of the Weswood Designer Series, but are simply the fastest way to include wood plantation shutters on a given project. Generally, the production of the Weswood Express plantation shutter takes anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks for our factory to finish and ship the shutters. Chinese plantation shutters of similar materials take 8 weeks or more which is why we fast track our Weswood express plantation shutters to make sure we are able to supply a wood interior plantation shutter in a timely manner. Some of the qualities with the Weswood Express Series of wood interior plantation shutters include: 2 inch Stile and drop 3/4″ thick rail which makes this shutter look like the industry standard. Louver Sizes available are 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ and 5 1/2". All made from real Basswood. Sherman Williams Finishes are engineered to handle the most demanding required performance without warping or fading. This brand of wood interior plantation shutters is a new standard of excellence and is perfect for high pressure, fast track projects. The Weswood Express Series answer to the demand for a faster wood interior plantation shutter and when we answered the masses, we bought our excellent reputation and customer service with us. The Luxury Choice: Weswood Designer Series. While Weswood Express Series of plantation shutters is all around excellence for a fast track product, some home and business owners prefer a more customized option of wood interior plantation shutters, such as the Weswood Designer Series. The Weswood Designer wood plantation shutters are in a class of their own, boasting superior craftsmanship and design freedom. Although the Weswood Designer Series of wood interior plantation shutters takes more time in production than the express series, this premier line of shutters allows for home owners, business owners, architects, and interior designers the freedom to enjoy a one of a kind plantation shutter that is unique to the given project. The extra mile of creative freedom that comes with the Weswood Designer series is not the only unique quality of these superior plantation shutters. Some extra benefits include: Streamline styles with flush rails. Six louver sizes 1-1/4″, 1-7/8″, 2-1/2″, 3-1/2″, 4-1/2″ & 5-1/2″ are available. Custom Lumber choices in Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Cypress, Etc. Custom colors or stains available for full fledged creative design. Specialty hinges, such as solid oil rubbed bronze, solid brass, and stainless steel. The Weswood Designer Series is of the highest quality standard for any project and the added bonus of being able to customize down to the most minuet detail makes this series one of our top selling products. The other most important fact about this particular plantation shutter type is that if there are issues with the production or fitting, our manufacturing facility is located right here in Florida, making adjustments and repairs much faster than having to ship back the products to China for repair. We service what we sell here at Collier True Value, so rest assured we are only a phone call away! When you purchase your wood interior plantation shutters, there is no better satisfaction than knowing who you are buying from and what standard of quality the manufacturer strives for. Our shutters are in a class of there own, and we provide options that meet any criteria, so feel free to call us for any project and we will be ready to provide top notch quality and sophistication to your project. You can reach us at, 954.771.8590.


What are Plantation Shutters?



Many of the millions of people World Wide who are searching for just “Plantation Shutters” are wondering one of a few questions:


How Much do Plantation Shutters cost?

What Are plantation shutters?

What is the difference between poly and faux plantation shutters?

Who makes (manufactures) the shutters?

How do I measure my window for Plantation Shutters?


To make your plantation shutter buying experience the best possible, let’s take some time to answer these questions and many more to clarify the pro’s and con’s of using plantation shutters versus the traditional window treatments. Blinds, draperies, or shades cannot and will not stand a chance against the absolute, undeniable beauty of a plantation shutter, but what many don’t realize is that plantation shutters also offer superior energy efficiency over traditional window treatments. Blinds, draperies and shades do not have the same air tight installation as plantation shutters, and thus cannot provide the same energy saving qualities that include eliminating the flow of indoor and outdoor air seepage. Plantation Shutters offer the WOW factor to a home and really change the look of a home, as well as provide so many complimenting factors that, in the long run, will save you tons of money.


How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Plantation Shutters seem expensive and people assume that they are too pricey to be given a thought, but the reality is that plantation shutters are less expensive than blinds. Custom Plantation Shutters can start at as low as $20 a square foot and up, and custom plantation shutters can be matched to a home with tons of color options, customized shapes, various louver sizes and even customized hardware and frame options. It is important to consider that buying the cheapest possible plantation shutters generally cost more in the long run because they are not built to last. Just like every other industry, the plantation shutter industry has many manufacturers that build economy shutters, or faux shutters, that are nice for the first few months, but deteriorate faster and leave a bad taste in the consumers mouth in regards to the product. Never just settle for a plantation shutter, take the time to compare and get the facts and try not to focus on price, focus on how your investment will be long lasting and justified for many years to come.

What Are plantation shutters?

Plantation Shutters are versatile products that can be installed in windows to replace window treatments, or to place over doors to eliminate the need for bulky, unreliable shades, blinds or draperies. The plantation shutters are created to produce the look of elegance where ever they are installed. The product consists of a frame, hardware (hinges), louver sizes between 1 1/4 inches up to 6 1/2, and a gorgeous color or stain finish. Plantation shutters are quickly becoming the number one option in window coverings because of the long term savings they offer to their owners.


What is the difference between poly and faux plantation shutters?


Poly plantation Shutters, such as Polybilt™, have some of the most unbelievable energy efficiency ratings of any plantation shutter. Polybilt™ Plantation Shutters are water resistant and are completely unaffected by high temperatures. Faux (or Vinyl) plantation shutters are wonderful for the short term, but as evidenced by many consumers who have the same complaint, faux plantation shutters eventually start to degrade from sun exposure. As the sun does it’s job shining through the windows of the home, the faux plantation shutters have to work harder to absorb and retain the UV rays and still maintain their appearance, but one of the best qualities of wood or Polybilt™ plantation shutters is their ability to absorb the sunlight and keep furniture from wearing from the sun. If faux plantation shutters can’t absorb the sun without eventually warping, or falling apart would be a better description, than how can they perform the ability to upkeep your furniture and remain an energy efficient window treatment? The answer is that they can’t. You may save 30 to 40% over wood shutters, but the investment will be short lived and irritating when you could have invested a small amount more and had shutters that are more durable to the Florida sun.

For a long term investment, Polybilt™ plantation shutters are the way to go. It has been proven time and time again that no matter what shutter you compare the Polybilt™ plantation shutters to, they always win hands down for being the most energy efficient, the most durable, the longest lasting and the best looking. While they are not the cheapest shutter out there, if you choose to purchase the cheapest than plantation shutters are not the item to purchase, because even the cheapest plantation shutter is going to be more expensive than a blind, but the blinds will last longer than the cheapest faux plantation shutter that there is. Here are a few things to consider in this market, when making the choice to purchase quality plantation shutters, you have to ask yourself if you are interested in investing in a product that will add value to your home and possibly help you turn somewhat of a profit in this economy? Are looking for a product that will look great, be easier to clean than blinds and add extra insulation to your home? Are you wanting to promote a more energy efficient life style without having to put bad money before good? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then poly or wood plantation shutters will make the perfect addition to your home. The tip to buying plantation shutters is to research companies, call for information, read about the different types of shutters available and understand the pro’s and con’s of each type of plantation shutter. This takes a small amount of time and offers piece of mind for years to come. If you are in the United States and would like a quote on Polybilt™ or Weswood, wood plantation shutters, as well as installation for Florida residents. We are on standby for your call and ready to help you make the decision to buy the best window treatment on the market.


Who makes (manufactures) the shutters?

There are many companies that manufacture plantation shutters, Collier True Value uses a company based in Florida. They provide only top quality American-made plantation shutters, and for this reason strongly frowns upon Chinese manufacturers. The fact of the matter is that while the two products maybe very similar in the way they look once installed, there are some short cuts that are taken by imported plantation shutters that cause faster deterioration of the product than American made shutters. Some of these short comings include the types of hinges used, the tension adjustment methods of using a plastic pin versus a screw, and the frames. The astounding part of the whole situation is that whether you buy American made or imported plantation shutters, the prices are competitive with one another, so rather than spend money buying imports, keep the money in america and buy for very similar, if not equal prices, without short cuts that will cause future aggravation. There are many wonderful imported products, but plantation shutters are not one of them.


How do I measure my window for Plantation Shutters?

Call or Email the Shutter Experts at Collier True Value's shutter division to find out how to measure your window for Polybilt™, or wood shutters. We ship to anywhere in the United States in a reasonable amount of time and even offer installation to South Florida Residents. If you have more questions about purchasing plantation shutters, or their many amazing qualities call (954)-771-8590.



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